Inauguration du site AgroParisTech à Orléans

AgroParisTech Inaugurates its New Site in Orléans, France

September 14 2022

AgroParisTech’s new site in Orléans was inaugurated this Wednesday, September 14, by Laurent Buisson, Managing Director of AgroParisTech, alongside Serge Grouard, Mayor of Orléans and President of the Orléans metropolitan area council, Florent Montillot, VP of the Orléans metropolitan area council in charge of research, technology transfer, higher education, the Orléans School of Art and Design (ESAD), and student life, Anne Gaborit, VP of the Loiret Departmental Council, and Régine Engström, Prefect of the Department of Loiret and the Centre-Val de Loire region. 
This brand new building, made available to AgroParisTech by the Orléans metropolitan area on the Orléans-La-Source campus, is home to AgroParisTech’s new cosmetology program.