Student Housing

Agro Paris-Saclay Campus Housing

July 28 2022

A wide range of accommodation is available on each campus, allowing each student to find the right accommodation to suit their budget and needs.

The institution provides its students with support services to help them find accommodation near their campus whenever possible. Extra support is on hand throughout the entire summer.
There are several ways of finding student accommodation:
•    Submit a request for accommodation in one of the residences managed by the institution.
•    Apply via the Paris-Saclay GUPS (Guichet Unique Paris-Saclay) portal, a single platform for all Paris-Saclay university residences
•    Submit a request for student accommodation in one of the residences located in and around Palaiseau, with which the institution has a partnership agreement
•    Submit a request to any other public or private residence
•    Choose your own individual or shared accommodation in the private sector.

If you have any questions relating to accommodation in the Greater Paris region, contact the university accommodation department at:

Accommodation in the Institution’s University Residence Halls

The platform for submitting a request for accommodation is open until September 25, 2023.