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Soil properties and plant production after short-term fallows in Senegal

Domaine de recherche: Uncategorized Année: 2004
Type de publication: Article
  • D. Masse
  • R. J. Manlay
  • M. Diatta
  • R. Pontanier
  • J. -L. Chotte
Journal: Soil Use and Management Volume: 20
Nombre: 1 Pages: 92-95
IRD, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; ENGREF, F-34093 Montpellier, France; IRD, Dakar, Senegal; Senegalese Inst Agr Res, Kaolack, Senegal Article English
trials of vegetation modification were carried out to test the hypothesis that the management of key plant groups such as trees, perennial grasses and legumes would improve soil chemical properties in short-term fallows. Soil properties and plant production during a 4-year fallow period and millet yields after clearing were recorded at two sites representing dry and subhumid climates in Senegal, West Africa. During the four years of fallow, soil organic matter did not vary significantly at either site. A decrease in amounts of Olsen P, calcium and potassium in soil (0-10 cm depth) by 42-50% occurred at one site due to an effect of perennial grasses. The highest millet yields were measured in plots on which the largest amounts of biomass had been burnt after clear-cutting. These results confirmed that short-term fallows do not replenish soil organic matter and nutrient contents. The introduction of planted species did not arrest the decline in soil quality.