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Variation des stocks de carbone organique du sol après plantation forestière : essai de méta-analyse incluant quelques situations d’Amérique latine

Domaine de recherche: Uncategorized Année: 2010
Type de publication: Article
  • P. Marco
  • M. Henry
  • D. Blavet
  • M. Bernoux
Journal: Bois et Forêts des Tropiques Volume: 305
Nombre: 3 Pages: 21-32
Soils make up the largest carbon reservoir, since they contain twice as much carbon as the atmosphere and almost three times as much as the biomass of aerial and root systems. Even a slight variation in soil carbon stocks can have significant consequences for atmospheric CO, concentrations. The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of forest planting in Latin America on organic carbon stocks in soils (Cos). A meta-analysis of 21 records in the bibliography shows that converting "cerrado" savannah or natural growing forest into plantations lowers the amount of Cos in the first twenty centimetre (respectively -6.09 +/-2.19 et -16.5 +/-4.63 kgC/m(2)) and. Conversely, increasing the density of agro-forests, the amount of Cos in the first twenty centimetre (+1.29 +/-1.02 kgC/m(2)). Converting pasture lands into forest plantations does not systematically induce a significant effect on Cos. The option of using meta-analysis and modelling has proved to be of particular interest in scientific disciplines where the necessary data are scarce as well as costly.